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Established over 30 years ago

Pipework Mechanics has become a main contender for any Pipework Fabrication / Engineering in South Wales and in recent years across the South of England.
We have built up many years of experience in the industrial service / process sector and on site problem solving is now part of our wide range of services. Our pipework fabrication workshop provides us with the capability to fabricate pipework components either designed by the customer or designed by us from the start to then be installed on site, which we can also accommodate.

Pipework Mechanics can undertake the on site installation of most pipe systems including Gas, Compressed Air, Heating Water, Hydraulic, Food Process, Fresh Water and more by using the many pipe materials that we are competent with such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, PVC, ABS, Galvanised iron, Malleable Iron , Brass and more.

We can also take advantage of the many options available for joining the pipework, Welding, Solvent Glued, Threaded, Mechanical, Press fit, Push Fit, Soldered and Compression, We cover almost every pipework connection style available.
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